“another lynching” and “GRAND jury” (poems that resist police brutality)

Read “another lynching and “GRAND jury” by Persis Karim on the “Split this Rock”- Poems the Resist Police Brutality and Demand Justice –  blog (December 2014)

another lynching   

the body, a rotten

black or brown

blackened and

thrown down

on the trash-heap.

not throat, not hands

not heart, not legs

deserve to stand.

and when they

move, hold them.

don’t let one rotten

apple spoil

the whole bunch.


GRAND jury 
what makes a grand jury so
grand when each and every
verdict seems to indicate
smallness, erasure-
a sense that the grandiosity
of an institution is
made smaller and smaller
until it makes those
perpetrating the crime
feel entitled to a bigness
that shrinks righteousness
to the margins of the streets
where the voices hushed
by the grand jury
refuse to be heard?

copyright Persis Karim, 2014

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